Austėja Subačiutė, Head of Berlin Region

LT Big Brother is the first and only voluntary professional mentoring programme for young Lithuanian professionals globally. The aim of the project is to facilitate the transfer of professional knowledge and experience from established Lithuanian professionals (Big Brothers/Sisters) and ambitious Lithuanian students or professionals (Small Brothers/Sisters) at the start of their careers. LT Big Brother project was first launched in 2009 in London by Lithuanian City of London Club (LCLC) which was co-founded by Rytis Vitkauskas, a long-term LT Big Brother mentor and more recently the co-founder of YPlan app. Since 2011 LCLC has been joined by Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) to help organizing LT Big Brother. In 2012 the list of partners has further expanded to include Lithuanian Wallstreet Club. Besides the official partners, more than 20 professional people, of whom a few are mentors or former mentees themselves, voluntarily run LT Big Brother.

Since 2020 the LT Big Brother supported by LEO in Berlin opened another local point for Berlin region, which is coordinated by our Club Members leaded by Austėja Subačiūtė.

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