LEO in Berlin aims to build a strong Lithuanian professionals network, supporting each other and contributing to its members and Lithuania itself’s long-term advancement. We believe that surrounding yourself with people who have dreams, desires, and ambitions, is the best way to inspire ourselves to achieve, to pursue, and to realize our own.

Our ongoing goal is to support and aid the international mindedness of tolerance in all areas of culture and of the thought of international understanding. The organisation takes efforts to promote the abilities of Lithuanian professionals and improve the general image of the expats living abroad. LEO in Berlin is organising various events and managing the projects, where the members of the organisation and network act towards the main goal.

We are a part of the Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) network that unites 1.700 global Lithuanian professionals from 49 countries all contributing to the prosperity of Lithuania. Membership includes the former mayor of Bogota, Antanas Mockus, contemporary artist Ray Bartkus, and many more. What unites us is the belief that surrounding ourselves with positive hard working people can bring meaning to our work and value to our community.