August 23RD

The Lithuanian Professional Club in Berlin (LEO in Berlin) members Inga Rovbutas and Ruta Naujoakiate together with the Belarusians living in Berlin organized a big solidarity protest to support free elections in Belarus. On the 23 rd of August 2020 thousands of people from Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, Germany and other forks joined hands in Berlin: Belarus-Baltic Freedom Way to support the Belarusian people’s struggle for freedom.

“Just as Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians stood for their freedom 31 years ago, so today we stand with Belarusians for the sake of change in their country. Lithuanians, especially, understand the cost of freedom, because the memory of our country’s struggle is still very vivid” said Rūta Naujokaitė, President of LEO in Berlin.

Belarus-Baltic Freedom Way was the largest event in Germany on the 23 rd of August 2020. In total, about 1,000 participants gathered to form a chain of people from Kotbusser tor to Hermanplatz square. A chain of people began to form on both sides, where the Lithuanian and Belarusian flags symbolically merged on the bridge.

Senator for Cultural and European Affairs, Berlin Klaus Lederer formally addressed the demonstrators: “The situation in Belarus reveals that fundamental human rights are being ignored and that the well-being of the population is not being taken care of. Freedom of expression, assembly and the right to fair elections must be guaranteed. Police brutality cannot be tolerated anywhere. The regime in Minsk must respect fundamental human rights, provide an opportunity for new fair elections, seek dialogue with protesters and release political prisoners. Belarus needs a round table. “

The LEO in Berlin Club is an official non-governmental organization that unites highly qualified Lithuanians living in Germany. The members of the club are united by the idea of ​​creating a civic diaspora, thus contributing to the strengthening of Lithuania’s positive image in Germany. This club belongs to the Global Leaders of Lithuania (GLL) network. There are a total of 25 Lithuanian professionals and clubs.

Please contact us if you have ideas for cooperation, would like to join our club or would like to gain more insights about Lithuania.

Rūta Naujokaitė

President of LEO in Berlin