“Lithuanian Expat Organization in Berlin” starts its 5th season. Newly formed board, led by the president Karolis Šikšnius, plans to focus more on strengthening the connection between club members and propose activities that would lead to a personal and professional growth of club members. Read more in Lithuanian.

Freedomway in Berlin

The Lithuanian Professional Club in Berlin (LEO in Berlin) members Inga Rovbutas and Ruta Naujokiate together with the Belarusians living in Berlin organized a big solidarity protest to support free elections in Belarus. On the 23 rd of August 2020 thousands of people from Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, Germany and other forks joined hands in Berlin: Belarus-Baltic Freedom Way to support the Belarusian people’s struggle for freedom. Read more

Lithuanian Professionals Forum in Germany 2020

Lithuanian Expats Organization in Berlin (LEO in Berlin) and Global Lithuanian Leaders invited Lithuanians living and working in Germany to the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Berlin to attend a very first forum for Lithuanian Professionals in Germany. 40 participants from 8 cities across Germany gathered to get to know each other, share ideas and discuss different topics. Read more

2019 year in review: t’s been a great year for Lithuanian Professionals in Berlin

From the personalised events at the biggest Lithuanian Startups in Berlin Vinted & Oberlo, presenting Lithuania at Smart Country Convention 2019, to the first event outside Lithuania with Biggest VC in Baltic states Practica Capital and creating solid network of 200 Lithuanian Professionals in Berlin, 2019 has been a great year for LEO in Berlin. Read more on Medium

Cyber Security and Digital Integration in Smart Cities, Berlin 2019

In 2019 LEO had a chance to represent Lithuanian Expat Organisation in Berlin at Smart City Convention 2019. Our president was moderating the session on Cyber Security and Digital Integration in Smart Cities. Read more on Medium.com

How to start a networking club people will love

Lithuanian Expats Organsation (LEO) in Berlin now serves as the main networking platform for around 200 Lithuanian Expats living in the German capital with established relationships with some of the biggest Lithuanian and German businesses and venture capital firms. How the story of LEO started Read more on Medium.com